“Creemos en las experiencias de marca, donde el cliente es el auténtico protagonista.”

Client: Vivarea

Year: 2016

Discipline: iconography, editorial design, advertising, art direction, digital design.

Vivarea is a brand furniture responsible to make your home beautiful, transforming every single space in an inspiring place. Vivarea is composed by different national stores. Every store follows the same concept reflecting the brand identity.

“Colour and image are the powerful tools to find a direct and quality design”

Buri Studio suggested to work on a creative, colourful and dynamic art direction. Client is the protagonist in this project so Vivarea’s communication is always positive, transmitting brightness and vitality.

“The function of Design is letting design function.”

Micha Commeren

Vivarea shows how through colour and powerful images we are able to create different project with awesome results.

vivarea inspires. vivarea is a new lifestyle to enjoy your home.