Client: Victor Ruiz

Year: 2017

Discipline: visual identity, art direction and editorial design.

Victor is an interior designer from Madrid. He decides to change the image of his company so this project is about visual identity.

As Victor use to work with some fundamental elements, from Buri Studio we have worked on the brand personality taking these elements as our main inspiration: product, furniture, colour and texture….

We have created the brand and then an art direction. The most important thing is not the logo but everything that this logo represents. Everything the logo is able to transmit.

“Victor transforms a space into something very special.”

The typographical logo has an V that change and become A. This concept was relevant to create the image’s logo.

Brand is characterized by minimalism and simple lines. Materials are the protagonists: cotton papers and recycled cardboards are the perfect support to print the corporative pieces.

“I understand that, just as the visual arts pose a referential field for the projection in Interior Design, from the literary arts, poetics can contribute its specificity, not only to aesthetics and composition, but also to creative projectuality.

Although Poetics implies a form, it never refers to the form by the pure form. On the contrary, it deals with a form determined by materials, structures, fabrics, texts and contexts. The case of poetry is exemplary: the meaning is born from the structure, the word means depending on the structure in which it is found and which it constitutes to give it another meaning.”


– Academic Reflection in Design and Communication Nº VI 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina