I am color, essence, values ​​and fears.

Client: Pili Tejedo

Year: 2017

Discipline: logotipo, identidad corporativa, comunicación gráfica,  diseño web.

Photography: Música para camaleones

Pili Tejedo is a Spanish artist from Zaragoza. Each art of work reflects optimism and color. From Buri Studio was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet Pili Tejedo and know her work.

On one side, we have designed a logo and the visual identity. In addition, we have created graphic communication elements and a website.

“I am colour and fantasy, that is my favourite universe, my world.”

The aesthetic line of the project was defined by the artist. At the beginning, the artist firm was converted into the logo’s brand. The visual identity design is defined by the colour palette more popular to the artist. In fact, the colour palette that identify the artist essence.

We have use a classic typography with serif and the use of this typography is basically in lowercase. This provides a feminine factor making the project more human.

“I love enjoying my work, I need to feel free. My work is eclectic that is why my identity should be too.”

Application design and communication have always the artist as referent. We can see her identity at all times. We have designed direct publications with a high number of images and some layouts on the right side. The aim was to break with a typical and traditional aesthetic exhibition.

The project had to follow her style and her personality. From the beginning we thought that rationalism would never take place in this project.

We elaborated a corporate identity manual in order to implement on the rest of applications. For instance, stationery, editorial pieces and on the website.