Client: Elisa Abión. Música para Camaleones.

Year: 2018

Discipline: visual identity, art direction, editorial design, web design.

Música para camaleones is the place where you can keep the way to see and watch the life. It is the capture of those moments that will never repeat again. It is something magic.

Elisa is behind Musica para camaleones, a vocational photographer who changed her life to follow her passion, photography.

On this project we have developed a new brand and art direction plan. A reticular system was the key to develop an editorial work and a portfolio web.

“I really love white light and honest people. The fig fruit and sea smell. Monegros’s Landscape, where all my family born before me. Typical floor tiles’s Barcelona and Madrid’s sky.”

Didot’s typography has been used for the brand identity. The logo has been republished creating a contrast between lines. With thin serifs, transmits a clear and elegant appearance. The handwritten word ‘photo’ has been integrated into the logo. This small detail, makes the project more human and attractive.

Elisa’s work was our inspiration on this project. She and her life vision are the protagonist. We were looking for including a touch of colour as brand personality in order to represent happiness and brightness.

“Theater, reading, walk barefoot and manual outcome arts. Pistachio ice-creams.”

Catalogue follows the editorial line designed when we created the visual identity. We produced small editorial pieces. These creations are categorized by a specific photography work typology: weddings, editorial, documentary… All together form a collection called M.

“50s furniture, watch films, pottery, plants and nature. Simple things, chocolate, an interesting talk and a warm hug.”