Gregorio, la belleza de lo inesperado.

Client: Muebles Hermanas Gregorio

Year: 2016

Discipline: visual identity, branding, corporate stationery design, comunicación, diseño web

Muebles Gregoria is a furniture and interior design store. It is not just a furniture store. Making interior projects, they offer a full and personalized service to the customers.

Muebles Gregorio transmits the idea of observing and analysing the environment to get inspired.

“Something beautiful will be always beautiful. I do not believe in trends.”

Bonnie Cashin

We were working on how to create a new brand identity. Rain has been the protagonist of this project. It is an element that changes time appreciation, in other words, our vision of reality changes because of the weather.

Rain is beauty, rain is that light falling from the sky… It is that grey atmosphere… Muebles Gregorio identity is such a reflection of this concept.

“We believe in brand experiences where the client is the authentic protagonist”