Client: Elena Juste

Year: 2017

Discipline: naming, brand identity, branding and applications, art direction, web design.

Phptpgraphy: Ferrer and Mayor

Elena Juste is a professional financial manager. Some time ago, she realized the importance to dedicate a moment during the day for herself. This is the essence of the project. Reflecting the energy and the benefits to train and practice sport

We have developed the naming and the identity brand. Furthermore, we have worked on the online communication.

“My main focus is to help people to find their purpose in order to reflect happiness and light in the world”-

In this case, we were looking for a feminine aesthetic and dynamic line. It has to be a reflection of her body and her movements when she practices yoga and stretching.

Naming for this project is Elena Juste, the protagonist. Creating a composition with a double meaning: her name and a concept: JustElena, JUST Elena. A personal project about lifestyle turn into passion.

“You are the circle, that space we need to take care every single day. In this way, circumstances and external factors would not be able to alter our interior pace, serenity and happiness.”

The logo creates a circle and it is composed by its name’s letters. JusteElena is a brand with a story behind. We wanted to represent the elastic and ergonomic shape of the human body.

We designed a simple and direct website. Users are able to discover Elena and her work through a very visual and attractive way. Coral color and a photo story has been used on the website with the objective to add more personality and to know Elena’s world.