Much more than houses.

Client: Constructora HDH

Year: 2017

Discipline: branding, visual identity, editorial design, web design

Hogar Dulce Hogar is a new building concept. It is beauty, life and vanguardism. Relevant interior and furniture designers represent the brand.

“We are designing furniture with Antonio Miró and creating homes around the world implementing a new building concept”

This project stared with a new brand creation. HDH has a Spanish origin. The idea, was to create a contrast between some elements like cold and hot, brute and fragile, concrete and light.

On one side, logotype represents the brand initials. On the other side, logo represents a ‘bird house’. Home and liberty. Revolution and tradition.

“Before I was, now I am”

Antonio Miró

To finish the project, we have designed a corporate and visual catalogue in order to show each brand discipline: residential, commercial spaces, interior design, product design…

The catalogue format and its finishes are such a magazine. We did not want to design a book we were looking for creating something lighter.