Client: Fico Salones

Year: 2017

Disciplines: visual identity, editorial design, graphic applied to the space, digital design.

First of all, we started designing the visual identity and then we created the stationery part. After this, we designed some editorial pieces and at the same time, we work on the space. The aim was to apply the graphic to the environment (interior and exterior). Furthermore, we developed a website following the same concept and reflecting the brand style.

The typography is defined by an edit Condense typography. We were looking for creating a contrast, freshness and energy from a feminine view of point. We edited the typography in order to transform them lighter lines.

White and black is another basic characteristic in this project to transmit the brand essence: elegance and sensuality. Furthermore, black and white pieces make a contrast with the space and the materials. Moreover, editorial pieces have been designed with some illustrations; Pink tones using watercolor technique.

The interior graphic helps to divide the different areas and to add some significant information over the space. The signage and wayfinding has been created with typography and white and black colors.

Fico Salones gave us the chance to unify different disciplines. As a result, the identity worked was applied to distinct supports.

“Trend word is no useful anymore, there are so many viewpoints.”