Client: Ê L E M E N T S

Year: 2017

Discipline: visual identity, art direction, product photograph and ecommerce design.

Êlements is a boutique specialized in perfume and high quality of cosmetic. This company based in Zaragoza (Spain) contacted Buri Studio in order to renovate its identity. Furthermore, Buri Studio worked on brand communication, art direction, designed an ecommerce and some merchandiser temporary designs.

Then, Buri created a catalogue and some product photographs. Everything had to be homogenous at the end. Each phase of the process made sense with the previous one. All disciplines were worked in order to connect each discipline and elements’ project. In this way the project reached its main objective: being a uniform brand having a new visual identity.

“Something special, no very common that identify and makes you different.”

Behind each perfume there is a story. Êlements had the goal to englobe all of them. So Buri’s objective was, as we explaining before, to create a homogeneous project.

Art was a fundamental factor in this project. It is the principal edge to show content and makes an aesthetic project. Impressionist lines, the Spanish painter Sorolla and the romantic architecture, were some inspirations Buri studio had for this project. They tried to compare a perfume with a work of art. In adittion, Art was very useful to understand client’s target. Only people with a specific sensibility would be able to appreciate art and this small artworks, feeling emotions, the stories and the aromas. All of them chosen by Nuria who is the founder of Êlements.

Art not only helped us in the aesthetic line of the entire project but also brought us closer to the client’s own target. Only someone who had the sensitivity to appreciate these works of art could feel the sensations, stories and aromas of the perfumes chosen with such care by Nuria, the creator of Êlements.

“Something special, unusual, something that identifies and differentiates you.”