Client: Cas Inmobiliaria

Year: 2017

Discipline: Visual identity, branding, art direction, editorial design, digital design.

Computer graphics: Gayarre

Edificio Greta is a new residential concept. ‘Water, light and life’ is the philosophy of the project. There is a very exclusive residential project in Via Hispanidad, Zaragoza (Spain). They have been pioneers in Zaragoza, creating a building with an aerothermal system.


Buri studio has designed the visual identity, a variety of brand applications, art direction about communication and the website.

“Edificio Greta, a space for life”

Design identity is about this new residential concept and the brand philosophy. We have to designed a communication line and professional but at the same time, had to be something different and no very serious.

Buri Studio created a straight typographic logo with a small cut that identify exactly the intersection of these building apartments.

With this logo we have included an icon. A representation of an elevation view of Greta’s building. Both coexist perfectly in applications such as folders, business cards, mupies advertising…

Another important point in this project, was the relation that the building has with water, sea and beach. There is a solarium rounded by palms. The aim of this area is creating a relaxed and comfy atmosphere over Greta’s tenants. So this was such a very important part of the project that Buri studio had to reflect on its visual identity.

We found a colour palette through some watercolours. Looking for representing sand touch, sea colour and horizon view.

Web design was designed following the same line in order to represent at all times the identity and the personality created.

The layout and visual communication of the website was basically focused on Greta’s Building to show the installations, apartments, finishes, textures and materials… Using some specific texts and computer graphics. These images built by Gayarre Architecture studio.