A dream story and a wonderful smile.

Client: Zoe Odontología Especializada

Year: 2017

Discipline: identidad, iconografía, diseño web

Photography: Encuentros estudio fotográfico

Clínica Dental ZOE is a new dental clinic based in Zaragoza, Spain. Specialized in aesthetic, implants, endodontic with microscope and dental care. It is a new dental clinic with a vanguardism and different concept.

“Details make the difference”

The project started with a brand analysis. First of all, we have investigated the space, philosophy and company values, services, ecc. Then, we were able to design its identity and to develop the website reflecting the same personality.

“This project means passion. It is looking for perfection and reflects work and effort.”

Cristina Díaz of Clínica Dental Zoe

Our client wanted to transmit perfection. Unifying effort and perfection concept was the key to reflect the confidentiality that Clinic Dental ZOE offers to their customers.