Client: Ciria Interiorismo

Year: 2019

Discipline: identity visual, brand applications, editorial design, art direction, web design.

Ciria Interiors is more that an interior and decor store. Ciria is a multiservice brand with an unique objective: to create relevant spaces.

The project consisted to create a complete new brand identity. This englobed digital editorial and digital design. In addition, art direction and having a strategic plan were crucial to develop the final brand personality.

Ciria means furnishing, interiors, materials and textile. That is the reason why we decided to play with the R letter to design the logo. Turning this letter 180 degrees is a reflection of versatility and adaptability offered by the firm. Ciria is flexible and always able to get involved over different kinds of projects depending on customer’s needs and circumstances.

Additionally, we have designed a very important editorial part, creating diverse catalogues with specific collections. We applied the personality over different finishes and spaces. At the same time, we have designed a website and we have thought about contents in order to generate a powerful impact on social media.

“We were looking for refreshing our image. However, we did not want to lose the previous brand essence as our family had created with love and effort.”