Client: Cabello Básico.

Year: 2018

Discipline: Visual identity, Art direction, brand applications, signage and wayfinding. Graphic applied to the environment.

Interior Design: Pisa Moreno Estudio.

Photography: Pedro Etura.

In this project, we have worked with Cabellobasico team reaching the goal to adapt its concept into their stores. Additionally, we have developed a floor plan in order to motivate customer and stimulate the aesthetics of the point sale.

“My care was so intense that I cut the natural hair ornament to learn this or that. The hair grew and I learned. And the hair dressed my knowledge.”

Then our challenge was to unify product typology with the same identity. We have found a solution using graphic design in interior design space.
As a result, an intuitive visual method where customers were able to find their products easily.

Choosing the right colour palette was crucial for the project as most of the products have been represented by a colour. Moreover, colour has been associated with packaging and product typology.

“Every space tell us an story…”