Client: Bocados de mi Tierra

Year: 2017

Discipline: naming, visual identity, branding, packaging, art direction, communication, design and ecommerce.

Aragoneses products and so many year experience working with them was the origin of Bocados de mi tierra. A special and unique brand characterized by choosing natural and best quality products from Aragon (Spain). A thought of villages’ identity of the area, their gastronomy and life quality.

Bocados de mi tierra is an authentic brand with personality. Two typographies define the brand: one is a condense, sans serif… and the other one is a handwritten typography designed by Buri Studio. Creating an interesting composition with both typos together.

“Bocados de mi tierra breaks with traditional and old ideals giving another point of view to talk about countryside.”

Logo design process

The project started with an analysis about the brand. Something very important and decisive was meeting the team, knowing the proper land, and seeing how the elaboration product is. That is how born Bocados de mi Tierra name.

We were looking for designing an actual and innovative brand. Something fresh able to break with old times. When we talk about innovation on their products, we have to talk about technology too. Nowadays technology has a strong impact over this sector. Bocados de mi tierra is exactly that, a powerful and modern brand. Representing by matte red colour.

Packaging design and final identity for Bocados de mi Tierra

Labels and packaging communicate perfectly with the product. We found the way to create an economic pieces using always the same structure and label format.

Packaging process has been creating over the brand values. Graphic design, handwritten, materials and finishes are the fundamental key in this project.

Last step to finish the project was the creation of an online shop. A place where you can see and buy the best Aragon products. Online shop gives completely importance to the product. Being an easy an intuitive platform for the users and customers.