Client: Beatriz Gómez

Year: 2017

Discipline: identity, visual system, art direction, web design.

Beatriz Gómez is an identity project inspired on another beauty concept. The form as consequence of an attitude. The use of materials as own style.

Overall, we designed a visual identity and a visual system. Then we applied the same system to different editorial pieces. Finally, we designed the website.

“Beatriz Gómez, a brand based on simplicity and on the simplicity y clearness”

Beatr.z Gómez is a direct and simple graphic designer able to bring meaning to ‘how’ and ‘where’ words.


How: for the identity we used a specific print technique called letterpress. It is a technique of relief printing using a printing press..

El dónde: para Where: we have chosen a unique material to use in this identity. Recycled grey cardboard with a cottony texture.

“Thanks to these two ideas (how and where) we are able to create some typical small printer imperfections. Beautiful and natural imperfections. The ink has not been divided uniformly and has not made the same impact over all the typography. That means beauty.”

In addition, we have designed some editorial pieces and a website. Always following the same visual system developed in the identity part of the project.


Furthermore, in this case, material and its behaviour are the main protagonists.