avvento suits you!.

Client: avvento

Year: 2016

Discipline: visual identity, editorial design, advertising, communication, digital design

Photography: Pedro Etura

avvento is a high quality sofas company responsible for selling and manufacturing the products. It is based in Spain.

“Matter, design and enthusiasm, are three factors that define avvento.”

When this company spoke with us, they defined Avvento such a kind of sofa that needs no description. One of the main objectives is to transmit product features just seeing the proper product.

“Each sofa has a storytelling. It is made of memories, experiments, people… Their shapes make them such a unique pieces.”

Enric Rodriguez

avvento is more than a sofa. That is the concept we wanted to transmit. We have realized the communication part for two years. In this project, we have design an art direction and then we have applied it in different supports and formats. For instance, some catalogues, advertising… Furthermore, we have designed a website in order to unify the project and its disciplines.